Friday, August 16, 2013

Learning to read "betweed" the lines.

There are certain emotions and experiences in life that can never exactly be translated into words ... but what if there was language that could? One that all cultures could use and understand. A language that was unique to each person. A language that reflected how we all have a different mark to leave in our world, in our hearts and on our tiles of course.

When I teach Zentangle I try find the fine line between teaching my students how to draw specific tangles with enough guidance that they understand, but also trying not to be so specific that they are unable to discover their own unique approach.  Many times my students will digest what I have said in such a way that they discover or create something totally new.

Last night my class and I created a monotangle tile with "betweed". The way that each person took this tangle into their own hands was awesome. Each tile became such a unique expression of this very simple collection of lines on paper. Each tile stood alone as a wonderful piece of artwork and also played such a strong role as part our Zentangle mosaic.

This was an adult class I taught at a local library except we had on very young adult in the class (age 10) ... I am sure that you would never guess which tile is hers ... so amazing!

Cheers everyone ... here's to reading "betweed" the lines.


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