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Class Descriptions

Introduction to Zentangle

This one day, two-hour workshop is a basic introduction to the Zentangle drawing method. Class will cover the history, the applications, and the steps of creating an original Zentangle tile. This class invites all levels and requires no artistic experience. This is a great starter class that is bound to leave you thirsty for more.

Tangled Journal

So excited to announce this class. A chance to dig deep into the Zentangle method. This class will take you on a 6 week journey of creating a visual journal using the Zentangle method. Forget about words for this class, we will express ourselves through tangles and at same time create beautiful art work to show for it. This work will for sure speak for itself. Enjoy the camaraderie of other creative minds as they both nurture and inspire your work and your evening.

Zentangle Meditation

Enjoy this peaceful session of enjoying the now, while creating beautiful art that encompasses your unique marks. Forget about yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow and just focus on the task at hand. In this class, the instructor guides you through your Zentangle drawing experience with voice alone. You will become completely engrossed in your drawing experience and your interpretation of the verbal guidelines. Enjoy a new inspiration to your strings, tangles, and shading as you relax and wallow in the spiritual journey that creativity can take you on.

Beyond Basics - “String theory”

Come explore the world of Zentangle strings. This basic skill brings huge depth to your Zentangle art and teaches you to dive right into creating. Students will learn how to confidently put pencil to paper and work with the strings you create without any worry or planning. We will dig deeper into incorporating different tangles into interesting shapes opening up opportunities and surprises, allowing the string to dictate the journey.

Beyond Basics - Grid tangles

The world is gold mine of patterns. Many of the tangles we have in our collection are rooted in the form of a grid. This all levels class will break down these tangles and investigate the huge differences subtle changes can make. Students will create beautiful tiles integrating the newly learned tangles.

Beyond Basics - A trip to “Tripoli”

This one Tangle has infinite possibilities. This all levels class pays tribute to the tangle, Tripoli. Learn the basics to this tangle and then the infinite directions you can take it from there. Another great tangle for diversifying your Zentangle practice.

Beyond Basics - Monotangles

Take a break from the compilations of patterns to appreciate and wallow in one tangle at a time. This all levels class will explore the art of covering one tile with one tangle. Students will learn tangles that lend themselves to this particular approach and enjoy some time to just draw. Ahhhhh … the beauty and calm of simplicity.

Beyond Basics - Shades of Gray

Zentangles really come alive with that final touch of adding your “shades of gray”. Come look into all the paths you can take with your pencil once the tangling is done. Students will learn tangles that have unique shading options and see how they transform your work. You will be surprised how subtle shading techniques can totally change the integrity of your tile.

Beyond Basics - Tangle to Tangle

Do you ever wonder which tangle to use next? This class will play with the idea of using the other tangles on the tile to dictate the next. Learn how to weave one tangle into the next and create a different symmetry in your work. A fun exercise to play with and add to your on going Zentangle practice.

Beyond Basics - In Hollibaugh Fashion

Hollibaugh is one of the original tangles of the Zentangle Method. It had become one of the most used, most loved, and most recognizable. It is a tangle that teaches us as beginners and continues to open up opportunities and ideas by using its fundamental technique. In this class we will explore this tangle in a variety of ways and get lost in the chaos of Hollibaugh. Be prepared to see what extraordinary things can happen when you play with pairs of parallel lines.

The Illuminated letter

This fun workshop will guide you through the steps of creating your very own illuminated letter. Shock yourself and your friends as we travel back in time to marry this medieval art form with the modern magic of Zentangle.

Intro to Black Zentangle tiles

Time to reverse the roles. This class teaches you the fun techniques of using white pens on black tiles. Students will learn how to work with gel pens, finish with the white chalk and play with layering techniques. We will work with tangles that lend themselves to interesting results when working on the black paper. Black tiles are a fun alternative for creating Zentangle art.


It is not know where the ancient art form of mandalas originated. What is known is that it has grown to be used in so many cultures and now we are using it in Zentangle. Circular pattern drawing is both relaxing and fun. The results are amazing and the process is easily learned. This class will look at the many different types of mandalas and go through the process of creating Zendalas using different templates. You will fall in love with these tiles and rhythm of working in circles.

Crossing the Border

Come spend the evening using your Zentangle skills to create beautiful borders. Become inspired to create boarders for mattes on frames, greeting cards, signs, place cards and more. Explore specific tangles that work well in this medium and how incorporate your sting into this new format. Class will focus on making place cards and what perfect timing with Thanksgiving right around the corner. This will be a fun class and great way to show of all your tangling skills to your friends and family.

Going Ornamental -"Creating a Holiday Ornament"

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, come and enjoy the buzz of the season. Learn to create a three dimensional ornament. This class will guide you from start to finish creating a beautiful piece art to celebrate the season or decorate your world through the coming year. 

Beyond Basics - “Just a drop of color”

We often say, when talking about color and the Zentangle method, that it is the tangles that actually take on the roll of color. Using the basic black and white and shades of gray allows us to focus on the patterns. That being said, every once and a while adding a little bit of actual pigment can be so fun. In this class we will explore some different ways to add color to our tiles. We will use a variety of  mediums and techniques to see what "just a drop of color" can do.

The “Heart” of Zentangle

What a perfect time of year to spend the night focusing on our hearts. This playful theme will guide us through a fun filled evening of creating beautiful art with the Zentangle method. We will explore both new and old tangles, some lovely strings, and special project. You will see how the “heart” can play a role in all our creative endeavors. This evening is bound to leave your heart filled with smiles, tangles, and pleasant surprises.

Tangled Eggs

The classic canvas of the Easter egg is perfect for covering with tangles. In this class we will use basic tangles to cover the surface of an egg with pens and graphite. The results are unique and beautiful. Please bring your basic tangling supplies. Eggs, props, and finishes will be supplied.

Introduction to Renaissance Tiles

Journey back to the time of Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo. Taking some time to study the iconic characteristics of these master drawings, we will then extrude from it the techniques that make these works of art so recognizable. Working with tan paper, black and brown pens, and more tools to take the world of Zentangle back in time.

We would love to see you at one of our Zentangle classes. Classes are for all levels, but we do suggest taking an intro class or having some prior experience using the Zentangle method before taking our other offerings. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Molly Hollibaugh, CZT

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  1. I love your work and just started viewing your utube videos. I started zentangle and Zia about a year ago. I love it. It is my zen. thank you for beautiful designs and it is really easy to follow your videos. I live in Florida but would love to go to the wonderful glasses that are offered.