My Thoughts on Zentangle

I was introduced to Zentangle by two people I hold very close to my heart. For me it was like being introduced to a beautiful new language. At first even though I did not know the language, I knew that it was familiar, calming, interesting, and simply wonderful. I felt compelled to learn this language … the language of Zentangle.  I began creating with the Zentangle method and soon found myself completely engaged in this interesting new art form. Unlike many other art forms, Zentangle is about the process. There are no expectations, rather a rediscovery in learning to appreciate the “now”.  I learn something new about what Zentangle means to me every time I do one. Zentangle is something different for everyone and for some people it may be many different things.

For me, Zentangle is:
An art form, a hand exercise, an escape from reality, a pathway back to reality, an everyday practice, something to increase focus, a place where ideas come from, perfection, a mess, a smile, a gift for a friend, a gift for myself, something special, and mine.
And Zentangle can be yours too.

I began assisting in Zentangle classes in 2004 and soon after started teaching classes on my own. I have taught in many different settings including; middle schools, high schools, universities, after schools programs, non-profits, scrapbooking stores, arts councils, homes, and yoga studios. My classes have been filled with people from ages 9 to 82 and ranged from professional artists to those with no artistic background.


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  2. Molly, I love your description of what Zentangle is for you. I'm inspired, now, to find the words to describe what it is for me. And, at the end of a series of classes, I think I'll suggest to my students that they do the same. I'm finding it so easy, so appropriate to apply the Zentangle philosophy to almost everything I do now ... :)

    Best regards, Jan Brandt, CZT #12, Reno, NV