Friday, February 22, 2013

Time for Tea ... and Tumeric?

Zentangle is a big part of my life. I work for the Zentangle Company, I teach Zentangle classes, and I try to maintain a regular Zentangle practice just for my own sanity and pleasure. However my creations come in waves because when I start to tangle I simple can't stop and  ... well let's just say I start to ignore other things, but as my Mom would say, "Is it a good thing or a bad thing?" ... For me it wonderful, rewarding, and refreshing.

I have been really enjoying the last couple of posts on the Zentangle Blog and felt ever so inspired by the most recent post, TEA TIME.

That night while I was making dinner, the thoughts of my Mom's tea stained tiles were floating in my head and I was thinking to myself ... I should try some of those. I was make a dish with Tumeric and Smoked Paprika which have stain a many of my clothes ... so I added a little water and grabbed one of my daughters cheap little paint brushes and put a little color on some tiles. I allowed them to dry during dinner ... and over the next 24 hours ... every spare moment I had ... which isn't much these days ... I attacked them little by little.

This one was done with a pre-strung Zendala. I roughly filed some of the template with very watered down Tumeric using a plastic brush. Once the tile was dry I gently dusted off the residual spice and then used my Micron and pencil as usual.

 This one was also done using a pre-strung Zendala and a plastic brush. But this time I tried it with the Paprika. The differences are subtle but worth trying both. Again I allowed it to dry completely and dusted off the residual before putting a pen to it.

This one was the most fun. I simply took a straw and dropped a couple of drops on the tile and did nothing. I didn't move it until it was completely dry. I lightly dusted it off and tangled away as usual. The drops became a new "string". I tangled around, on top and behind the splashes of color.

This exercise was so fun for me and had me thinking about Tumeric ... It is such the rave right now in the natural healing world as an Antoxidant Nutrient which has prooven to have so many healing benefits to the body ... but now I have discovered that by incorporating it into my tangling practice it can also be a powerful part of maintaining a healthy heart and mind.