Friday, August 9, 2013

A delight

Sometimes in life we experience how the gathering of people can create something very special. Most of the time we cannot plan how all of our unique minds will come together, but once in a while it almost seems magical. Last night I taught a group of the most wonderful, creative minds. Their ages ranged from 6 to 16. Each one of them coming from different different places, but finding themselves all in the same place this particular night for a Zentangle class at the Library. The attention and focus of these kids was above and beyond anything I could ever expected at the end of a hot and sticky Summer day. They followed along intently, digesting all the steps of the Zentangle method. And then without hesitation took my instructions and used them as propellers to take their artwork in directions I had never seen before. I enjoy and learn so much from every class I teach. I woke up this morning with a smile, eagerly going back to look at the pictures of the amazing tiles that these kids created. I couldn't help thinking how special it was to watch how the energy of 20 different kids came together one night at the library.

Tiles created by kids at the Sutton Public Library.


  1. This is an amazing variety of tiles Molly! How many kids were there?

  2. Love your metaphor of students using your instructions as "propellers" for exploration and discovery!


  3. Thank you for coming Molly, we all had a blast! I wish I could attend the one this week but I'm in the Cape! Will you be doing any other workshops at Sutton?

    -Nathan M
    (won't let me post my name.. stupid computer..)