Monday, November 18, 2013

Just Be ...

I never thought in a million years I would be a teacher. But alas hear I am ... life's journey has led me down this amazing road and though I know it is my job to give guidance and support to my students in the end I feel like the lucky one who is learning so much from all the creative minds that find their way to may class. It is actually become quite profound, that I go home with some amazing lesson, sentiment or discovery during each class I teach.
Before most of my classes I try to take a moment, maybe take a couple of deep breaths to unwind from the day. I extend this to my students and encourage them for the next 2 hours to allow themselves to be in the present ... to let go of the day and not dwell on tomorrow.
Easier said than done though right. I think I often practice this idea ... but then there is life and well you forget how important it is to do this.
I had a wonderful class last week. It was in the midst of a particular busy time for me and though the class was wonderful and exciting, I was full of stress and probably a bit more stuck in what had happened earlier that day and what was to happen tomorrow, instead of just being completely there.
We happened to working on this beautiful project where we were tangling around letters and then gilding the letters. Everyone's work was coming out so beautiful and I was in complete awe. Most people had picked letters from there names or had referenced they were doing it for a friend. However, I did have one student working on a letter and I knew it wasn't for her first name or her last name, so I asked her.
"Julie, what is the "B"for?" 
Without hesitation she replied, "Oh, just to remind me to BE in the moment."
I was kinda stopped in my tracks. As I of course thought this was a direct message to me ...
So,thank you Julie, for reminding me to embrace, awaken, and of course just "be" in the moment.

I am still waiting to see the end result of that beautiful "B". 
Here are some photos of some of the other wonderful creations done that night.



  1. These tiles are so nice, Molly, and thanks for sharing a story with a great lesson for us all. Would you mind telling us what you used to "gild" the letters?

  2. Beautiful tiles. I would like to know what gold you used on the letters, please. Thanks.

  3. Your students did nice work! Love these illuminated letters.

    Molly, what are you/students using to paint/guild the letters?