Saturday, March 2, 2013


I would like to preface the following post with this statement:

I completely embrace and love many aspects of my "plugged in" life. There just comes a time when it seems to completely overwhelm our daily lives and the very thought of discussing going unplugged via the internet is a bit contradictory. I do feel that we all find our balance in different ways and that there is moderation and balance to be found in all the beautiful, interesting and indulgent things. Even this amazing digital world we live in. So ...

I had an epiphany earlier this week ... or at least what I call an epiphany. Nothing new. I have them often. Some more overwhelming than others ... just a moments of insight that change my perspective or understanding of a situation in my life. They usually occur at the peak of a stressful time ... when I have for some reason or another lost my balance for a bit ... like I think we all do from time to time.

For the most part I find these moments to be warm and wonderful.

I am a fairly busy person. I am starting to think that most of us are. It is a busy world. There is so many cool things to see and neat places to be that we are all trying to do and see it all. And then there is all the stuff that you have to do ... so it is no wonder that it all just gets busy so quickly. And then there is the constant digital feed that seems to dictate so much of how we do things. So many of us are on the phone talking and texting constantly, taking photos, posting things on our computers, our ipads, our ipods, our iwhatevers  ... just trying to stay connected. 

For the most part I really do love technology, but there comes a time, a moment when I think, I just need to disconnect for a bit. Refocus. Breath. Be here. Now. 

But I recently found that I wasn't doing that ... I had lost this balance.

For a while I had been following this routine where after dinner, after the busyness of the day was over and the kids were in bed. I would pile up all my notes and my laptop and do some work, check emails, do whatever else I could do on the internet. This is after a long day of doing just that on and off and in between everything else.  I would be tired and ready to unwind, but for some reason felt like I needed to be productive for the last wee hours I had in me. Yikes quality not quantity Molly! Where was the the down time? What happened to being here, now?

So I have a new part to my routine. I realized all my quality work could be done when the time allowed and my mind was fresh and focused. I also realized that as for my after dinner hours, I will be going unplugged. For now anyway. Now instead of opening up my laptop, I open up my Zentangle kit (which luckily does not have batteries, a USB, or a camera built in it.) And I draw.  And I sit with my husband. Sometimes my kids are still up. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes there is a hockey game on. Sometimes I take a break form drawing and sit or read or whatever, but it is time to just be. I am rediscovering that drawing is medicine for me and sitting and enjoying that with people I love is simply the best!

Results from my new routine ...

SO here's to enjoying both the wonders of technology and also just maybe a couple of moments of being "unplugged".



  1. Yes ma'am! We were semi-unplugged for a couple of weeks recently, and even that was rather nice. :)
    I love what you've done with Sampson; I've tended to keep mine very simple but I really like the 'leaves underneath'.
    Enjoy your evening!

  2. WOW, Poupette, these are really lovely. I agree 100% I fought the computer thingy so long, said I would never do that, etc., and now I am finding myself getting sucked in just like everyone else. I love this idea. However, remembering not to do something is sometimes more difficult than remembering to do something. I will make this effort. Love ya. mum

  3. Great idea and lovely work. I especially like the middle one. So delicate. I never appreciated samson before, but now I "get" it. Enjoy your peaceful evenings with your family.

  4. Molly, this is my first visit to your blog--how nice to have a window into your world! Thank you for your thoughts and images. I am delighted by what you have done not only with sampson in the tiles above, but also with auraknot. And I relate to the struggle for balance between plugged in & unplugged.
    It was so nice to see you in Fort Worth! I wish we could have had time for a tangle session.

  5. Just as Spring brings on new leaves for you, our crispy dry leaves are being blown and unplugged.
    Your sampson looks fresh and supple. Cheers I am switching off and unplugging!!